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The Muhammad University Saturday School is a budding institution of learning here at Muhammad Mosque No.7. It is currently under the auspices of the Ministry of Education headed by Carrie Muhammad and an additionally qualified staff of educators.

The staff at Muhammad University work diligently to prepare lessons in mathematics, science, history, and more fundamentally essential subjects. Students are taught from an early age the sciences of business, agriculture, how to maintain a productive family, and become a positive example for their community. The students graduate with honors and go into society with dignity while earning great honors through their countless acts of hard work and perseverance.

The most Honorable Elijah Muhammad through the example of the Honorable Minster Louis Farrakhan teaches us to "Do For Self" and we at Muhammad University of Islam at Muhammad Mosque No.7 are working hard every day to insure that the future is bright for today's preciously bright and gifted children.

What the Muslims Want & What the Muslims Believe Point #9.

"We want equal education, but separate schools up to 16 for boys and 18 for girls on the
condition that the girls be sent to womens colleges and universities. We want all Black
children educated, taught and trained by their own teachers.
Under such a schooling system we believe we will make a better nation of people. The
United States government should provide free all necessary text books and equipment,
schools and college buildings. The Muslim teachers shall be left free to teach and train
their people in the way of righteousness, decency and self respect."

It is with your help that we can achieve success at building the great institution that MUI intends to represent on behalf of the Righteous and Respectful members of our communities.

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