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What the first ladies wore PowerPoint Presentation
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What the first ladies wore

What the first ladies wore

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What the first ladies wore

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  1. What the primary women wore

  2. John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy touch base at the National Guard Armory for the inaugural ball in, January 1961. Ethel Frankau of Bergdorf Custom Salon planned the principal woman's sleeveless outfit and coordinating cape. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum

  3. Lady Bird Johnson in her inaugural outfit outlined by John Moore, January 1965. She requested the dress through Neiman Marcus. White House Photo/LBJ Library

  4. Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter move at the inaugural ball, January 1977. Rosalynn Carter's gold-trimmed dress was a similar she wore to her significant other's gubernatorial initiation six years prior, outlined by Mary Matisse. Marion S. Trikosko/White House Photo

  5. Ronald and Nancy Reagan posture in the White House red room before going to their inaugural balls in 1981 (L) and 1985. Nancy Reagan wore John Galanos-composed outfits for both events. Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

  6. Ronald and Nancy Reagan wave from the limousine amid their inaugural parade in January 1981. Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

  7. President Reagan snickers after Nancy neglected to present him amid the Inaugural Band Concert in January 1985. Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

  8. President Clinton guarantees of office as little girl Chelsea Clinton and first woman Hillary Rodham Clinton look on, January 1997. REUTERS/Blake Sell

  9. President Bill Clinton helps his better half Hillary with her jacket as they prepare to leave the New England Inaugural Ball, January 1993. Hillary picked a draw put together by Sarah Phillips over more settled fashioners for her sparkling, violet-bound outfit. REUTERS/Jim Bourg

  10. President George W. Bramble and first woman Laura Bush wave as they stroll amid the Inaugural parade, January 20, 2001. REUTERS

  11. First woman Laura Bush waves as she lands in front of an audience with President George W. Bramble at theTexas Ball, January 2001. Laura picked an outfit by Texas architect Michael Faircloth, and enhanced the outfit with a pearl accessory. REUTERSWin McNamee

  12. President George W. Bramble and first woman Laura Bush in front of an audience at the Black Tie and Boots inaugural ball, January 2005. REUTERS/Rick Wilking

  13. President George W. Bramble offers a go-ahead to a supporter with first woman Laura Bush while strolling in the inaugural parade, January 20, 2005. REUTERS/Files

  14. President George W. Bramble waves with first woman Laura Bush amid the Texas Wyoming Ball, January 20, 2005. Laura picked a plan by Oscar de la Renta for her second inaugural ball. REUTERS/Jason Reed

  15. President Barack Obama strolls with his significant other Michelle after he was confirmed as the 44th President, January 2009. Michelle is wearing a specially crafted troupe by Cuban-conceived American creator Isabel Toledo. REUTERS/Tannen Maury/Pool

  16. Michelle Obama at the Southern Regional Inaugural Ball in Washington, January 2009. Michelle wore a hand crafted outfit by Cuban-conceived American planner Isabel Toledo. REUTERS/Jim Young

  17. The plan, which many thought looked like a great wedding dress, was deciphered by many to symbolize a fresh start. REUTERS/Jason Reed

  18. The smooth yellow dress and jacket, made of glossy silk upheld fleece guipure, was adorned with green gloves and shoes. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

  19. President Obama and first woman Michelle wave amid their second inaugural parade, January 2013. Michelle wore a collarless blue-checkered coat by Thom Browne with shoes from J. Group. REUTERS/Doug Mills/Pool

  20. First woman Michelle Obama, wearing a Jason Wu dress, waves to participants at the Commander in Chief's ball, January 2013. REUTERS/Rick Wilking

  21. Michelle decorated the velvet-definite chiffon outfit with shoes by Jimmy Choo. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque