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IFO's: Identified Flying Objects

I.F.O. Fleet: Here you can see Baby Planes launching from a Mothership (Spanish)

Ministry of Science and Technology films I.F.O.'s
See all 5 parts of intense footage at

Recent Filmings of a Mothership in Western Moscow: October 7, 2009

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Recent Photos of Baby Planes

June 18, 2008 Sanfransisco California. While on a field trip with Jr. members of the Nation of Islam who also witnessed this phenomenon, Mark Muhammad of Sanfransisco took these amazing photos of a Nation of Islam Air Force Baby Plane (seen below this writing).

UFO's have been identified since the arrival of Master Fard Muhammad in 1930 who taught that there were 1500 of them which could all dock in a much larger city sized plane called the Mother Ship at thaIndependance Day Film, 1996t time. This mother ship he mentioned was the wheel from the Biblical account of the vision of the prophet Ezekiel.

More and more of these terrific planes are being captured on camera by amateur photographers by the day and not only in New York City but across the entire world as seen on Youtube, Google and other video hosting web sites. These pictures may be of the best ever published. The plane captured here appears to resemble the so-called UFO's of the infamous film "Independence Day" which stared award winning actor and rapper Will Smith and co-star Vivica A. Fox.


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"Mexican Air Force Documents Footage of UFO's"
Please allow a few minutes for movie

Mexican Air-Force Documents UFO's
By Nisa Islam Muhammad
Staff Writer - Final Call News Paper

UFO's : Picture provided by the Mexican Air-Force
Photo capture of May 10, 2004 film captured by by Mexican Air Force pilots. Courtesy Mexican Air Force
( - The Mexican Air Force released a film taken by their pilots May 10 of ?11 bright, rapidly moving objects in the skies.? Experts worldwide have said this film proves the existence of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Military officials, however, have said, ?no conclusions had been reached about the objects? origins.?

The country?s Defense Secretary, General Ricardo Vega Garcia, gave the videotape to Jaime Maussan, who is considered an expert in the field because he has spent a decade researching UFOs.

Mr. Maussan claimed the videotape was evidence that UFOs exist. ?The video was especially significant since it was provided by the military,? he told reporters.

?This is historic news,? Mr. Maussan was quoted as saying in various newspapers. ?Hundreds of videos [of UFOs] exist, but none had the backing of the armed forces of any country. ... The armed forces don?t perpetuate frauds.?

The film showed the objects were flying at more than 11,480 feet over the southern Campeche state and was filmed March 5 by pilots using a video camera with an infrared lens.

According to the pilots? accounts in news reports, ?the objects appear to accelerate rapidly and change course suddenly. At least one crew member testified in a videotaped interview that the objects encircled the military jet at a distance of at least two miles.?

The pilots were on a routine drug surveillance mission when they saw something strange. They used infrared equipment to detect heat emanating from the objects. This process is unable to provide an image of the objects? exact forms.

The military responded to Mr. Maussan?s analysis with uncertainty and skepticism.

?This is Maussan?s point of view. For that reason, he was given (the video), so that he could draw his own conclusions,? General Vega told Mexico-based W Radio. ?But that is his version.?

General Vega explained that he decided ?to release the videotape to the scientific community for study after determining it did not pose a threat to national security.?

He also countered his critics by saying that the military had not released the tape to distract the nation from other issues, such as a political corruption scandal, as some news commentators had implied.

Critics of the conclusion that the objects were UFOs have said they could possibly be atmospheric gasses. Julio Herrera, a nuclear science researcher at the National Autonomous University, told the San Francisco Chronicle that the bright blurs could have been caused by electrical flashes emitted spontaneously by the atmosphere.

?They are very strange phenomenon and there is little information about them,? Mr. Herrera said, ?That?s what?s so interesting.?

He also told the San Francisco Chronicle that more data than is available on the videotape would be necessary to determine if that hypothesis was correct, including precise information on atmospheric conditions at the time the lights appeared.

General Vega told reporters that he first thought the objects were drug trafficking planes, ?but when I began to see that they had those lights ... I realized they couldn?t be such aircraft.?

The defense chief told reporters that he had warned those under his command to stop discussing ?flying saucers? and UFOs when talking about the video ?because that just provokes doubts and jokes.?

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UFOs Seen in Arizona

UFO's seen over - Editors Note: This event was not the first of it's kind, here is a still photo which was recorded simultaneously by both local residents as well as local news cameras in Phoenix Arizona on March 13, 1997. It was shown live on CNN and also broadcasted by most major stations from Phoenix and was witnessed by viewers who watched while in the comfort of their homes and offices from all over the world.

There were reports of these objects flying in and around the area for days. Apparently 7 of them hovered over Phoenix in the displayed formation as seen in this still shot on that night, an 8th orbited far away from those that were in formation. The lights in the center of this image are the objects (a.k.a.. baby planes, UFO's) and the lights at the bottom are of Phoenix. (Photo: A&E)

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In Search of the Messiah - Fire in The Sky
By Mother Tynnetta Muhammad

Mother Tynetta Muhammad


"Allah?s commandment will come to pass, so seek not to hasten it. Glory be to Him, and highly exalted be He above what they associate (with Him)! He sends down angels with revelation by His command on whom He pleases of His servants, saying: Give the warning that there is no God but Me, so keep your duty to Me."--Holy Qur?an, Surah 16, verses 1&2.

Photos courtesy of MGN Online, showing the tragic fiery inferno of the Space Shuttle Disaster. Our condolences to thespace shuttle 7 astronauts on board and to their families and friends. We salute you!
None should doubt that we are living in perilous times. On the very first day of February, Americans and the world saw television coverage of the Space Shuttle Columbia breaking apart into plumes and fiery streaks of debris appearing like a meteorite shower falling to earth over the State of Texas. By the time it was clear of the magnitude of the disaster, space debris from the shuttle plummeted to the earth with toxic materials spread over a wide range of states, territories that had once belonged to Mexico. The first records of these sightings were marked in their descent over Palestine, Texas, where nearby, President Bush and companions were strategizing on war with Iraq and Saddam Hussein.

spaceThere is a nursery rhyme that I remember from my early childhood called ?Chicken Little? who came running through the town shouting the alarm that the sky was falling. Indeed this nursery rhyme mimicked here indeed forcibly and tragically has come to pass. Signs to be studied from all the holy Scriptures of the times to be seen in the heavens above and the earth with men?s hearts failing over the enormity of the things that are now taking place. Is it a coincidence that 17 years earlier, The Space Shuttle Challenger along with its? seven occupants experienced a similar tragedy nearly to the date of the Columbia disaster on January 28, 1986? Count the number 7 in the horrifying events in each case. The number 7 holds the mystifying secret of the science of Divine Scripture, a number of the highest spiritual consciousness that leads us through the transition from the breaking up of the Old World Order into the new elevated plane of Christ Consciousness.

The Space Shuttle Columbia began its career in 1981, 22 years ago, holding the potential for great scientific and technological advancement. Herein is the error of NASA?s Space Program as revealed from the Divine Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad: The aim and purpose of America?s Space Program beginning in the 1960?s with the landing on the Moon in 1969, was to prepare for war against the Great Mother Ship and its companion wheels harnessing an entire New Civilization and an Advanced Technology that is not of this worlMother Tynettad.

The happiness and joy of our children listening to Mother Tynnetta Muhammad?s Report on her journey to Korea and Mongolia. Time frame, the last week of November, at the end of Jumu?ah Service in the Masalah at Mosque Maryam Maryam, 2002.


It is the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan who was taken on board this Great Mother Ship to receive a Universal Message from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in 1985 pertaining to the end time. As incredible as it may seem this communication contains the beginning and the ending of Universal War with the sign of Fire In The Sky which will ultimately be seen with the cutting of a shortage in gravity, in the atoms over our heads that will burst into flames over America, just as we witnessed the frightful explosion of the Space Shuttle. We have the last Warner in our midst before these things come to pass in our Brother and Servant of the Most High God, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

"He created the heavens and the earth with truth. Highly exalted be He above what they associate (with Him)! ?Holy Qur?an, Surah 16, verse 3.

More to come, God Willing!

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For more articles by our Queen Mother Tynetta visit the Final Call News archive online.

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Erykah Badu, Mother Tynetta, and India Arie

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Farrakhan the Traveler
The Persecution of Jesus and His Followers
By Jabril Muhammad
Updated Nov 11, 2002

This is being written on the day after the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a momentous speech to America and to the nations of the earth, on October 16th. His May 2nd statement provides insights into his speech as well as context.

Here?s the conclusion of that interview started in last week?s

Minister Farrakhan: "So then, at my trial and in this time of trial, I will lose many. Some of the females that truly love the Minister will be present and the one male disciple, who will be present, will represent thousands who are absent, but who in the darkness are growing in faith because they are unhindered by the hypocrisy that will have been manifested inside the house, for they have grown up on the outside, with a more pure sight on the man than many whose sight has been dulled by their lack of faith; their doubt; their suspicion, which now manifests into absolute hypocrisy.

"All of this is as it was written. It leads to the glorification of God and His Christ. It also leads to the exaltation of the servant of God. In that darkness, I believe he will be taken. And there are those who will see him as he is taken, to bear witness to the others, that the stone that appeared to keep him where they thought they had him, has been removed and he is gone.

"So that is my answer to that question of deep significance?that maybe the answer should not be given until a certain time."

Brother Jabril: "Yes sir."

This ends the May 2nd interview.

This is that certain time. However, as it is his right, Minister Farrakhan has shared this with his staff across the country.

There are many ways to start the explanation that shows that Minister Farrakhan?s answers, which appeared (in Vol. 22, No. 2) constitute "the explanation of all things."

I?m starting in the way that I am, due to the increasing gravity of these times, which fulfills the scriptures.

Let?s begin with a series of points. Why doubt the fact that high in the Bush administration, plans have been made for the imprisonment and death of Minister Farrakhan? Has this government ever sought to harm individuals and groups based on lies and wicked motivations?

If they really understood who Minister Farrakhan actually is, they would not even think evil of him, let alone plan his death?

The 19th chapter of the gospel of John describes Jesus? death on the cross. Does this chapter teach of the one more or the last thing he was to do, before being taken alive to his father? Was it "dying"?

God has allowed Christians to hand down, throughout the centuries, the image of a nearly nude Jesus, hanging on a cross, between two others, who were deemed criminals. The authorities counted Jesus as a criminal. This has meaning for today.

President Bush and his cabinet swore on the Bible as the major part of their induction into the offices that they hold over the people of America. Are President Bush and his cabinet scholars of the scriptures? If not, then on whom do they depend for their views and insights into the thinking of God Almighty, who is the ultimate Author of the scriptures? How much does this influence their actions?

Do they believe that Jesus is up in the sky, from which he is to return to judge this world? Does "this world" include America? Do they believe that we are in the time described in the book of Revelation?especially in chapters 12, 13, 17 and 18?

The 12th and the 13th chapters contain predictions of their persecution of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his followers?especially Minister Farrakhan. The 17th and the 18th chapters teach of the consequences of this persecution of their ex-slaves.

Certain officials of this government have been studying that huge half-mile by a half-mile plane, in the skies over America. Do they see this plane as the fulfillment of the 19th chapter of Revelation, that teaches of the awesome return of Jesus the Christ from the sky? Is this plane the reality of Ezekiel?s vision of the wheel in a wheel?

Is there a relation between the above and this from the book, "JFK" by L. Fletcher Prouty, who was the "Mr. X" in the movie titled "JFK" directed by Oliver Stone?

Mr. Prouty wrote on pages 287-288: "During the Kennedy years, people within the government and their close associates in academia and industry discussed frequently and quite seriously many of the major questions phrased by Leonard Lewin in Report From Iron Mountain. I had been assigned to the Office of the Secretary of Defense before the Kennedy election and was there when the McNamara team of ?Whiz Kids? arrived. Never before