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Siegfried Slain: His Last Meal PowerPoint Presentation
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Siegfried Slain: His Last Meal

Siegfried Slain: His Last Meal

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Siegfried Slain: His Last Meal

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  1. Siegfried Slain: His Last Meal By: Paul Sullivan James Lancaster Zachary Price

  2. Siegfried’s Meal • The Noble Knights of the middle-ages had very elegant meals while on their hunts. • Siegfried and his fellow hunters were seated at large tables with a wide variety of food. • They were all served by high class butlers.

  3. Types of Food • People of the middle-ages ate a wide variety of food, which includes: • Meats, such as pork and beef. • Fish, such as trout. • Breads , such as Manchet (fine white bread). • Fruits and Vegetables. • Game, such as deer. • Birds, such as pheasants and herrings.

  4. Meat of the Middle-Ages

  5. How the Meals were Prepared • Preparation of meals varied upon class, if you were poor you had to cook over a open fire in your home, if you were a king, you had a kitchen full of servants and cooks who prepared the food in oven, huge fires, and smoke rooms.

  6. Middle-Age Cooking

  7. When the Meals were Served • The meals of the middle-ages were served everyday at a set time. • Breakfast was served generally between 6 and 7 in the morning. • Lunch was served at nearly mid-morning between about 12 and 2. • Supper was generally served between 6 and 7 and usually included some form of entertainment.

  8. Drinks of the Middle-Ages • There was not a very wide variety of drinks to be consumed during the middle-ages. • The main choices included either wine or water. Even though water was unclean, it was a necessity. • There was also some other drinks that were common, such as beer, cider, and some juices.

  9. Food Preservation • The people of the middle-ages were very big on food preservation. They believe that food needed to be harvested in the summer and preserved in salt for the winter. • If a animal was harvested in the summer and could not be preserved for winter, it did not need to be harvested except for when it was in season.

  10. Food for a King (Siegfried) • King’s were presented with extravagant feast. The greens of the tables were described as a lawn of green, and placed upon silver plates. • The meal consisted of three courses, usually all contained some meat and greenery. • After the third course, some sort of dessert was served, such as an amazing pie.

  11. Feast for a King

  12. Food for You!! • Ok, so now you know a little about the middle-age foods, so why don’t you have some? • We have prepared two desserts for you, one is a strawberry tart, and the other is an applemuse.

  13. Strawberry Tart • The strawberry tart was a very simple and sweet treat to make. • It consisted of: • Strawberries • Sugar • A pie shell • And some mystery substance?

  14. Applemuse • Applemuse was also a very simple and sweet dessert to make in the middle-ages. • It consisted of: • Smashed apples • Sugar • Egg yolks • Cinnamon • Ginger