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Remembrance Day PowerPoint Presentation
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Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

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Remembrance Day

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  1. Remembrance Day By Edward

  2. The Rouse • Played on the bugle the Rouse is a piece of music played at the start of a day to tell the solders that they must prepare for a new day at war • Get up at once, get up at • once, the bugle's sounding,The day is here and never fear, old Sol is shining.The Orderly Officer's on his rounds.

  3. The last post • The last post is another piece of music played on the bugel but is played at the end of the day to signify the end to a day at war and to tell them to rest for the next day.Come home! Come home! The last post is soundingfor you to hear. All good soldiers know very well thereis nothing to fear while they do what is right, and forgetall the worries they have met in their duties through theyear. A soldier cannot always be great, but he can be agentleman and he can be a right good pal to his comrades inhis squad. So all you soldiers listen to this – Deal fair by alland you’ll never be amiss. • Be Brave! Be Just! Be Honest and True Men

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  5. The Red Poppies • The red poppy also know as Flanders poppy has been associated with Anzac day because it marks the Armistice made to end world war one. The red poppy's were among the first plants to grow back after the war in Northern France and Belgium.