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Night Sky: Space Postcards PowerPoint Presentation
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Night Sky: Space Postcards

Night Sky: Space Postcards

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Night Sky: Space Postcards

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  1. Night Sky: Space Postcards

  2. Your Task: Create a Postcard Your Task is to create 3 postcards about different planets in the solar system that you have visited on a holiday in space. Your postcards will need to be typed or neatly handwritten. • Information you will need to include • postcard format • relevant information: • temperature • surface/terrain • atmosphere • size • location in universe • distance from sun/earth • axis of rotation • when was it discovered • anyone else living there • amount of gravity (effects) • length of day/year • time it took to get there • your age and weight on that planet • how many moons has the planet got • what things you are doing there? i.e.. Daily schedule • site seeing • where you are staying/living An Example Postcard and a Blank Template has been included on the following slides

  3. Front of Postcard: Do a drawing or Include a picture from the internet with a catchy slogan!

  4. Back of Postcard: Write about your trip on the back, also set it out to look like a postcard Dear Tabatha I landed on Jupiter three days ago, well its really only been thirty hours because days on Jupiter only last for about ten hours! It’s really annoying because there isn’t enough time in the day to do much and I’d hate to live here. I’d only get birthday and Christmas presents once every 12 earth years! My legs are going to be like jelly when I get back because all I have to do to get around is sort of, swim through the gas (Helium and Hydrogen), which is really thick. It’s so different to earth with no solid ground to stand on. I can breathe on Jupiter but it is so funny, whenever we talk we sound really high because there is helium in the atmosphere. One thing I really hate is the Red Spot. It’s this huge storm that travels around the whole planet and it never stops! I get really scared whenever I get near it but from a distance it looks so cool! I like to stay near the centre of the Gas giant because it is always warmer there and believe me here you do anything to get warm. The average temperature is -150 degrees Celsius! Anyway I’ve got loads of observations to make. Miss ya! Bye! Rosehill Secondary College Sapphire Street Niddrie 3 0 4 2

  5. You will need to : • Include an image or drawing of your chosen planet • Include the name of the planet • Be Creative! Front Template Interesting picture of planet or drawing Name of Planet

  6. Back Template Type your information into this text box and delete this sentence Rosehill Secondary College Sapphire Street Niddrie 3 0 4 2