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1 May 2009

Influenza Prevention and Treatment Protocols

All of us are aware by now that there is the possibility of a global pandemic of influenza (2009 Type A H1N1) wrongly labeled ?swine flu?. This novel virus has appeared in many places around the world and is capable of person-to- person transmission. This virus is being compared to the dread 1918 so-called ?Spanish flu? which killed 50 to 100 million people and sickened 20 to 40% of the world?s population. In fact, the 2009 virus is apparently a descendant of the 1918 flu and shares some of its characteristics.

However, the 2009 flu virus has not yet demonstrated that it is going to become a global pandemic and that it is as lethal as the 1918 flu. As of the date of this writing 256 people have been documented as being infected with this virus and there have been some deaths due to the virus. Despite the media hype, this represents a relatively insignificant epidemic. The yearly influenza death rate in the US is typically around 36,000. Since, January 2009 roughly 10,000 have died from the garden-variety influenza that comes every year.

Why the panic over 1 apparent death from the 2009 H1N1 so-called ?swine flu? virus? Probably it has more to do with economics and politics then public health. Therefore, do not panic or be inordinately concerned. At this point, you are more than 100,000 times more likely to get struck by lightning then to contract the 2009 H1N1 so-called ?swine flu?. So, don?t believe the hype, but use common sense precautions, eat as you should, get plenty of rest, and avoid known areas of risk.

To be completely safe, we have put together the following recommendations for those who want to be sure that they are not vulnerable to whatever is coming down the pike- whether it is this new ?bug? or just the regular old garden variety flu bug that we are used to.

Our prevention protocol is the following:
Cataplex C 3 tablets daily
Cataplex D 3 to 6 tablets daily (dark skinned people should take the higher dose)
Cataplex F 3 tablets daily
Calcium Lactate 6 tablets daily
Tuna omega 3 perles daily

This will help to prevent you from catching the flu or any other viral illness that may be going around. However, if you unfortunately have an active case of the flu, with fever, headache, body aches, cough, sneezing, poor appetite, etc the following may be added to the above protocol:

Immuplex 3 to 6 per day
Congaplex 6 to 12 per day (chewable form for children)
Antronex 3 to 9 per day
Andrographis 3 to 9 per day
DiaCo 3 to 6 teaspoons per day (especially suitable for children)
Veldona 1 to 2 per day
Calcium Lactate 6 every hour until fever breaks

This active treatment protocol must be taken under the directions of Dr Muhammad or other qualified health care professional familiar with this natural approach. Dr Muhammad does not recommend Tami flu, Relenza or any influenza vaccine. Remember, the 1976 swine flu vaccine killed dozens of people and crippled hundreds. The virus killed one.


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