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Memorable Moments On Television PowerPoint Presentation
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Memorable Moments On Television

Memorable Moments On Television

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Memorable Moments On Television

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  1. Memorable Moments On Television Television reflects society by showing people on news broadcasts, situation comedies and reality TV! *Survivor-People often act a certain way in a group. Television impacts society and often changes the way we do things. * “Where's the Beef? Portion sizes? People remember where they were on the dates of television moments. *I was in 7th grade social studies the afternoon that John F. Kennedy was shot.

  2. TV Video-Television Memorable MomentsAssignment Choose and research a memorable moment in Television Broadcasting history. Prepare a video presentation (3-5 minutes) of your moment. You may film someone else reading your speech/presentation. You may use visual aids, pictures, charts, etc. Your Television moment must be school appropriate. Presentation must be edited correctly with titles and credits. Soundtracks are not necessary but may be included. Presentation should include information about when the event happened, who was involved and why it was important (viewer audience size, television historical aspect etc. Project is due June 8. You will be researching, filming or editing each day of class.

  3. TV Guide’s list of Memorable Moments • Armstrong walks on the moon • the candy factory episode of I Love Lucy • John-John's salute at the funeral of his father, JFK • The Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show • the M.A.S.H. final episode • the final episode of The Fugitive • The O.J. Simpson verdict • the wedding of Charles and Diana • Johnny Carson's last Tonight show • Elvis's 1968 comeback special

  4. Television Broadcasting Historical Moments • September 11, 2001 • Moon Landing, July 1969 • Challenger Disaster 1973 • John Kennedy Assassination 1963 • Martin Luther King Jr. I have a Dream speech 1963 • The Beatles on Ed Sullivan 1964 • Roots Mini-series 1977 • M.A.S.H finale 1983 • Royal Wedding 1981 • Nixon Resignation 1974 • Michael Jackson’s Moon Walk 1983 • Lucy goes to the Hospital 1952 • Ed Sullivan censors Elvis 1957 • Al Capone’s vault 1986 • Rumble in the Jungle-Ali vs. Foreman 1963

  5. “Thrilla in Manilla” Muhammed Ali was a famous boxer in the 1960’s. Due to religious reasons he refused to be inducted into the U.S. Armed Forces during the height of the Vietnam war. He was stripped of his Boxing Heavyweight title and license to box in the U.S. The fight between Joe Frazier and Muhammed Ali was held in Manilla in the Phillipine Islands. It was broadcast to international audiences all over the world.

  6. Memorable Broadcasting Moments Research and choose a memorable moment in television history. The event should be a televised show, performance, commercial etc. that is memorable for it’s impact on us. This may be for various reasons. Prepare a video presentation describing the event and the reasons why it has become memorable and the resulting impact on television broadcasting or society.