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Lunar New Year in Taiwan PowerPoint Presentation
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Lunar New Year in Taiwan

Lunar New Year in Taiwan

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Lunar New Year in Taiwan

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  1. Lunar New Year in Taiwan Before New Year

  2. Must eat food

  3. Things to do on New Year

  4. Lunar New Year in Hong Kong Cleaning and decoration: Chun lian is one of the decoration to be placed on the entrance of the house. Top (Horizontal across) Whole   Earth  Returns  Spring Left (vertical) line: winter gone mountain clear water sparkles. Right (Vertical) line: Spring comes   bird    sings flower fragrant “Upside down fu” Good luck and happiness

  5. Decoration: Bright red colors are believed to scare off bad fortune. Flowers are also used to adorn the homes

  6. Food: Fish and Dumplings are the most important dish; mean prosperous. A whole chicken/ pig with the head still attached; symbolize wholeness and prosperity.

  7. Celebrations: Parade down the streets A lion dance traditionally marks big occasions

  8. Celebrations: The Cathay Pacific New Year's parade float The Disneyland parade float Dragon dance

  9. Celebrations: Firework

  10. Celebrations: Lighting incense The gate entrance to Wong Tai Sin temple The Wong Tai Sin temple market sells New Year charms. Lai See are small red and gold envelopes

  11. Lunar New Year in Korea Korean antique with calligraphic words Memorial service for ancestors bow deeply to our elders Younger receive money/good words

  12. Must-eat food (rice cake soup!) Bright red bags are believed to bring fortune 1 bowl = become 1 year older magpie song

  13. used in fortune-telling playing stick game (playing yut) Flying kite (get rid of bad fortune/luck) Throwing arrows

  14. Spinning tops Korean traditional percussion quartet a musical instrumentis sounded by being struck by a beater (a small gong), (a larger gong), (an hourglass-shaped drum), (bass drum) Pray to sky and earth for good harvest Rolling wheels (transport crops)

  15. Jumping Seesaws (look out the house) kicking shuttlecock (remove weeds) (directing cow?)

  16. Happy New Year! Korean: sehhehbokmahneebahdeuhsaeyo (Receive a lot of new year's blessing)