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Junior F.O.I. & M.G.T. Programs

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In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, The Merciful


Junior M.G.T. (Muslim Girls In Training) and Jr. F.O.I. (Fruit of Islam)

The Jr. Fruit of Islam and Jr. M.G.T. Program


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The Hon. Elijah Muhammad was handed a torchlight by Master Fard Muhammad by which he laid the foundation for us to harness and grow to our unlimited potential, for a day would come where no child would be seen shamefully wanting yet would have an abundance of their own as well as a secure future. The junior program of the Nation of Islam is designed to ensure that our children will become the best that our society can produce. They are taught to excel by way of study and to explore the world with the help and guidance of Allah (God). By keeping the most necessary principals at the center of their focus they are sure to meet with success. Averting the most grim projections, among which suggest that our children of color may not live past the age of 35, is a goal that must be accomplished. These forecasts shall change dramatically as our children are influenced more by the wisdom of the righteous and less by the influence of television and hard-hearted peers. Instead of learning how to kill one another by watching poor examples credited by the media and other sources of great influential power (voluntary and involuntary), they will learn how to take better care of themselves. By eating the proper foods and expressing themselves through an intelligent presentation while properly articulating their thoughts and ideas, they will dispel the myths created by such forces of evil that fuel hatred and ultimately perpetuate gang violence and war through gentrification.

They are taught to never place weapons in their hands and to walk with pride and with the armor of Allah's (God's) wisdom. The juniors are encouraged to find other means of resolution that will help prevent crimes that many of our youth are so prone to commit out of sheer ignorance. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us to never carry weapons because doing so would limit our ability to reason with one another during conflict as our minds would be affixed on them and not the great value of life within our brothers and sisters who are Allah's (God's) progeny.

We, the members of the Nation of Islam, protect our youth by fortifying them first with actual facts, with respect of our history as original people and the histories of the world community at-large. Once they are made aware that they are not less than others but created equal, the fear of success weakens as they embark on a journey towards a path of a greater prosperity.

Training in the juniors' program includes the mastery of several fundamentals which include military step drilling, martial arts, the study of basic, intermediate, and expert math, science, and global history. The youth are encouraged to meet and overcome all obstacles by acquiring a basic understanding. But more importantly, they are taught to rise above their emotions and into the thinking of Allah (God). In a society that keeps our youth trained to the sound of negative music and non-productive imagery, a program like the Junior's Program of the Nation of Islam is by absolutely necessary. Teaching the youth how to focus their energy and to never loose control of themselves while under pressure is a key element in the training that is taught to them in this program. We give all praises to Allah (God) for this program, for when presented properly it offers an ultimate solution to solve our children's greatest problems as we address their concerns..

There is no other program like the Jr. Program of the Nation Of Islam. Our children go on to be the best in schools all across the country and throughout the world with both high grade point averages and honors. They are taught to be the best in all fields so that one day they too can help to make this world a better place for us all, and in particular for their own people

Our children at young ages will have the desire to own their own land, their own businesses and to become pristine examples for other youth in their communities. With the help of Allah (God) they will join the ranks in society who are honored as the fruits of peace through excellence as our future ministers, scientist, doctors, lawyers, architects and also teachers as well as in all other fields of endeavor.

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Saviours' Day Drill Competition 2011 - Junior Vangaurd MGT, Houston TX

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A very special thanks goes out to Instructors Sis. Carrie Muhammad, Bro. Elijah Shabazz,
Bro. Wadi Muhammad, and Bro. Arthur Muhammad

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