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Holi Gulal Hindu Festival PowerPoint Presentation
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Holi Gulal Hindu Festival

Holi Gulal Hindu Festival

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Holi Gulal Hindu Festival

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  1. Holi Colour - A threat To Your Beautiful Eyes

  2. It is Holi round the corner and one can already see a lot of colours floating in the air. It is the time of festivities, togetherness and joy but apart from adding colours to the festival, Holi gulal also carries with it the chemicals that it possesses.

  3. Eye Allergy There is a typical kind of eye allergy that one experience after playing the Holi. It is nothing but after-effects of playing Holi with the chemicals based colours. Eye allergy symptoms include redness of the eye, itching, tearing, burning, stinging, and watery discharge. Eyelids experience the burning sensations and one might feel blurred vision too. The effect of the Holi gulal lingers even after you are done with playing the Holi festival

  4. Chemicals in Holi Gulal Unfortunately, most of the synthetic Holi Gulal harmful chemicals these days. These chemicals include heavy metals, acids, alkalis and powdered glass. Black Holi color contains a lead oxide, green gulal contains copper sulphate, while red Holi color contains mercury sulphate.

  5. Temporary Blindness Playing Holi synthetic green gulal powder can cause temporary blindness if the colour enters to your eyes. Temporary blindness or fleeting blindness is a sudden loss of vision or blurred vision for them some time. A grey patch comes before the retina thereby blocking the sight. Temporary blindness due to gulal powder can last for a few minutes, few hours or can be even prolonged to a lifetime. It is a serious medical condition and should not be ignored or there should be no delay in the treatment as it can lead to permanent loss of sight.

  6. A Natural Solution The best way to avoid these synthetic Holi colour powder for a festival is to for natural Holi gulal that are made out of naturally extracted ingredients like flowers, herbs, leaves, and so on.

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