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Gone to Texas

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Gone to Texas

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  1. Gone to Texas

    Lesson 1
  2. What would it take for you to move to Texas? Write down 3 reasons you would be willing to leave your home to move somewhere new.
  3. Would you move for: Land, Religion, Friends, Democratic Government, New Towns, Leadership Opportunities, Meet new People, Strong leader to guide the way, Businesses, Supplies
  4. Would you go to Texas if: The government was similar to that of the United States?
  5. Mexico Gained its independence from Spain Under this government Settlers were required to: Practice the Catholic Religion Follow the Mexican Laws Pay Taxes Created Democratic government with a constitution The Mexican Constitution of 1824 Provided 3 branches of government
  6. Would you go to Texas if: Stephen F. Austin would guide you and your family?
  7. The Austin Colony The Spanish Government agreed that Moses Austin could bring 300 families from the United States to Texas. Moses Austin died before he could but his son Stephen F. Austin carried out the plan. Stephen F. Austin is known as the “Father of Texas” and he brought his first group of settlers over in 1821. Austin guided 300 families to Texas. Austin governed the colony and was the judge.
  8. Empresario a person who brought settlers into a colony, divides land, and enforce law. Question: Was Stephen F. Austin an Empresario? Why?
  9. Would you go to Texas if:Texas Could Provide: Lots of Land available Missions already established Some settlers already there Forest for lumber Animals for food, and clothing Lakes and rivers for water and food
  10. Question: Do you think the explorers BIG ships could travel in Texas’ rivers? Why?
  11. Would you go to Texas if: You would be part of a growing and developing town?
  12. Colonization: When a settlement is started.
  13. As the colonies Grew: Differences is cultures and people were discovered Families began to grow crops to be sold. Communities and Towns began to be formed Families raised and sold cattle
  14. Question: What types of stores or businesses do you think towns needed to support the farmers needs?
  15. So, would you move to Texas? Democratic Government with 3 branches Land Religion New towns Leadership opportunities New people Pay Taxes Follow Mexican Laws Practice Catholic Religion Cultural differences between people in the towns Yes No