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  1. BRAVES Cleve Fann Josh League Craig Pope Bill Pryse Allan Quaife

  2. Overview • Swivel Chair and Gun Rest • Design Proposals • Deliverables • Functional Requirements/Desires • Proposed Solutions • Positives, Negatives, Interesting Features Highlighted • Conclusion

  3. Swivel Chair and Gun Rest Wish List • Gun position should be adjustable to accommodate hunters of various sizes • The range for body positioning should be at least 180° • The weight of the gun should be supported • The seat should be sturdy and safely mounted • The gun should have the ability to be easily and quickly removed • The entry/exit of the hunter should be unimpeded • Sitting as well as standing positions should be accommodated • The device should be able to withstand damage due to the environment

  4. Rotating Seat withIndependently Rotating Gun Rest • A simple bar stool type seat easily allows hunter to twist his body. The gun rest allows the gun to rest in a large variety of positions

  5. Rotating Seat with Independently Rotating Gun Rest Left: Gun rest arm. Right: Top down view of platform with swivel seat.

  6. Rotating Seat with Independently Rotating Gun Rest • Positives • 180° Movement for seat as well as gun rest • Floor surface extends to either side, providing support when aiming at an angle • Gun is easily removed from rest by lifting the gun • Gun rest arm is adjustable to support various hunter sizes • Gun rest arm easily swings out of the way when entering/exiting stand

  7. Rotating Seat with Independently Rotating Gun Rest • Negatives • Possible tree stand stability problems if hunter tries to stand up on side extensions • Side extensions could make it more difficult to enter/exit stand • No pitch control

  8. Rotating Seat with Independently Rotating Gun Rest • Interesting Features • Gun rest function could be made to perform similar to a “snake” flashlight which holds its position once moved • Gun rest could be removed and the hunter would still have the ability to turn 180° in the chair

  9. Electrically Rotating Deer Stand A motor with two traction rollers rotates the seat along slides that are strapped around a tree trunk Left: Front view of seat with vertically adjusting gun rest. Right: Rear view of seat with slide guides and traction motor

  10. Electrically Rotating Deer Stand Left: Slides strapped onto the tree trunk Right: Detail of how the motor rolls along the slide, with the guides keeping the seat on track

  11. Electrically Rotating Deer Stand • Positives • Nearly 360º of rotation around the tree (depending on trunk size) • Minimal effort on the part of the hunter to rotate (simply press a button) • Adjustable gun rest allows for wide range of hunter heights, as well as differing aim angles • Adjustable arm rests provide additional comfort as well as possible add-ons (cupholders, storage boxes)

  12. Electrically Rotating Deer Stand • Negatives • While activated, motor noise could possibly spook the game • Recharging motor battery in the middle of the woods could prove difficult • Roller traction could be problematic in rainy conditions • Motor size may need to be large in order to safely handle moving 300-350 pounds, which could make the design too bulky, heavy, expensive

  13. Electrically Rotating Deer Stand • Interesting Features • Electric motor is used to rotate the deer stand, requiring minimum physical exertion from the hunter • Adjustable gun rest and arm rests support wide range of user heights while providing comfort to the hunter

  14. The Slider • Brief Description: Rail that attaches to the bottom of the deer stand. An arm very similar to the top of a video camera tripod, which is height adjustable, attaches to the rail and slides around the base of the stand as the hunter points his/her gun. A seat that swivels is attached to the original seat of the stand.

  15. The Slider

  16. The Slider • Positives • Easy entry/exit and height adjustment to accommodate all hunters • Sturdy gun support, weight of gun supported • Body movement unimpeded • Range of motion 180°

  17. The Slider • Negatives • Not quiet • Slider would require frequent maintenance to ensure it was greased and frictionless • No pitch control • Slow to move arm to target

  18. The Slider • Interesting Features • Quick release for the gun, not for the arm however • Cup holder as well as room for additional storage

  19. RAZOR

  20. RAZOR • Positives • 180°+ Movement for gun rest • Adjusts to accommodate any individual • Compact storage easy for transporting stand • Unrestricted movement when standing or sitting • Unrestricted access into and out of tree stand • Metal parts will be out of weather for less corrosion

  21. RAZOR • Negatives • Rather complicated design • No “quick release” • Definitely less than silent • Possible weight issue • Time consuming setup

  22. RAZOR • Interesting Features • Folds in on itself to reduce footprint

  23. Weighted Deer Stand

  24. Weighted Deer Stand • Positives • 180°+ Movement for seat as well as gun rest • Accommodates any individual • Counterweight to help with support of gun at different distances • Unrestricted movement when standing or sitting • Easily moved to permit easy entrance and exit of tree stand

  25. Weighted Deer Stand • Negatives • Counterweight limits type of gun that can be used • No “quick release” • Hinge point for counterweight creates another weathering component

  26. Weighted Deer Stand • Interesting Features • Different counterweights could be attached to accommodate hunter strength and gun weight

  27. Conclusion • Next Week • Conceptual Designs • Ongoing • Website Development