Bonus Hunting: Online Casino Gambling, Sure?

Most online casino gambling fans play hard and they play to win. But there is an alternative strategy (no, don’t lose – that would be ridiculous!): A strategy that is more conservative, requires more discipline, and also abilities that are far more questionable than online casino gambling, but with far higher odds of players walking away from desk (computer) with more dough than he started. This is called “bonus hunting” and it is the closest thing to online casino gambling for sure. So why doesn’t everyone do it? That question is the subject of this article – why not hunt for bonuses?

First, let’s start the exercise for you. Read carefully the game sites on such sites and you will see that almost everyone offers a Bonus when registering. These can be called “Registration Bonuses”, “Welcome Bonuses”, “Initial Deposit Bonuses”, “First Deposit Bonuses”, “Match Bonuses” – but whatever they are called, the concept is the same Data sgp .

To register and make your first deposit (or “buy” your first chip stack), online casino gambling sites will give you a percentage of that amount in bonus chips. As soon as you make a deposit, the full bonus amount is added to your player account.

But, of course, there are catches – you have to bet the same amount as some of your bonus dollars or your initial deposit (depending on online casino gambling sites or poker rooms) before you can withdraw all of it.

As you may have guessed, in the process of meeting your betting requirements, two things might happen:

1. You lose part or all of the bonus amount and part or all of your initial deposit as well

2. You really enjoyed the online casino gambling experience on the site (or have lost so much money that you can’t just let yourself go) so you deposit more money and keep playing

However, what is found by Bonus Hunters is that by only playing at the lowest betting table (e.g. Video poker 1 cent), they can greatly minimize the percentage of their bonus that is used up in the process of meeting the betting requirements. There’s no way the bonus hunter will come out first. In fact it is very unlikely that bonus hunters will get away with most bonuses. But they might get away with it and get their initial deposit back.

So what are the shortcomings? Well, be prepared, because there are many – actually more than you realize. Simply put, bonus hunting is full of challenges and inherent weaknesses, the results are no exception. What bonuses hunters are happy to lose risk, they get a time commitment. Playing is not to win but to “don’t lose” takes a lot of time, and you might find prizes that are not worth the risk of nothing (think: 50 cents per hour – might also get a minimum wage job).

Not all bonuses are made the same – you have to hunt (thus becoming a moniker) for the biggest bonus (based on percentage) with the lowest betting requirements and the lowest betting game (giving you the biggest chance to keep most of your bank money safe). That’s a very high order. When you consider this, the collection of potential “targets” suddenly decreases. Likewise, the amount of time you will spend searching for online casino gambling sites to hit will increase exponentially the more you do it.

And there is always the fact that if you choose unwise, you can lose it all.

Online casino gambling sites don’t like bonus hunters – is that surprising – and as such, if you have ever been marked as a bonus hunter, you might be permanently locked out of the casino, forced to give a win, and find yourself blacklisted. Not only from that casino but from your affiliation and site too. Try it at your own risk.

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