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Beijing and Tsinghua PowerPoint Presentation
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Beijing and Tsinghua

Beijing and Tsinghua

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Beijing and Tsinghua

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  1. Beijing and Tsinghua Chen Zhou 25 June, 2008 Evening in IE

  2. This is Olympic year! • Good • Cleaner air • Attractions are ready • More activities are going on • Challenges and precautions • High security • Be extremely careful with your actions • Any bad behavior can lead to severe relations such as expulsion, custody, etc. • Watch your drinking • No fighting, jay walking, and any other unacceptable behaviors

  3. Outline • Internet connection in Tsinghua • Locations of interest • Dorm and check in • Initial schedule • Activities • Transportation • Food • Shopping • Money • Power • Phone

  4. Internet access • Download access software before departure • • Click this symbol near left top corner • Click this symbol on the bottom • Click OK to download, a new icon will appear on your desktop • To log in, click the new icon on your desk top • Enter your user ID and password, check the box for “open log-in” (go outside Tsinghua network)… • To change your password, go to • • GT students will be given 2 internet access cards. Be sure to log-off after use, or you will run out of your quota very quickly.

  5. Where is what in the city? Yuan Ming Yuan Summer Pallace Bar District W Train Stn Embassy District Train Stn Downtown

  6. If you go on your own • Take a taxi from airport, be sure to wait in the queue, you’ll get a ride if you go with a solicitor • Tell the driver for Tsinghua University Northeast gate or 清华大学紫荆东北门 • The cost last year was about 100 RMB, might be a little higher this year • Insist to use the meter • There is a toll charge used to be 10 RMB

  7. Dorms Campus East gate IC 6 Yuan Ming Yuan, group tour on June 25 Market Restaurants Food court West gate Main gate Market Bike,… Zhong Guan Cun Electronics market IE Dept Classroom Subway Station

  8. Market Convenience, food, phone, … Dorm Canteens Qing Qing Pizza Northern campus Dorm mgt Canteen Northeast Gate IC #6

  9. Classroom Wen Nan 206 Southern campus IC #6 West gate IE computer Markets Main gate South gate

  10. IE building and computer room • 舜德楼 Shun De Lou room512, near IE office • IE contact: Nan Jie

  11. Classroom • This year, we will use a larger classroom in Wen Nan Lou (文南楼) 206 (former business school)

  12. Dorm check in • Dorm management is in Zijing building 19, 2nd floor • You need passport, and 200 RMB deposit (refundable) • Your room will be in one of the buildings nearby • Cost • 140 RMB/day for 1st to 30th day • 120RMB/day thereafter • Refund will be given to early check out • NUS students • Those did not stay in the dorm regret last year! • You need to pay for your stay at check in

  13. Dorm at Tsinghua University

  14. Dorm • Single or double (shown in drawing last slide), AC • Mattress, sheets • Shower, toilet • Hot water 7-9 AM, 3-5 PM, 8PM-12AM • Ethernet socket • TV • 201 phone (need a phone card to dial out, but can receive calls) • Electric kettle (do not cook in it), sink • Laundry: service available in building 18 • Many floors has self-serve machines, you need to buy a transponder

  15. Schedule

  16. Tuesday, 24 June • Group flight • CX710 Singapore to HK 820A -1215P • KA992 HK to Beijing 140P - 510P • Check in, dinner nearby, sleep

  17. Wed. 25 June (busy day but important) • Gather on sidewalk near the dorm buildings at 8:30 AM • Walk to the classroom in IE building(Room 512) • Information session 9:00 – 10:00 • 10:00 departure for Yuan Ming Yuan, required for those in HTS 2602, suggested for others • 12:00 Lunch (on your own) • 2:00 PM buying bicycles on the way back to campus

  18. Thursday, 26 June • Plant tour, being arranged. There should be two

  19. Friday 27 June • Gather at Wu Dao Kou 五道口 (5th railroad crossing) subway station at 9:00 AM • Take subway line 13, then line 2 to Qian Men station 前门 (front gate) • Walk around Tianam Men Square, pictures • Visit Mao memorial, required for those taking HTS 2602 (this should end around 11) • Self organized tours. In the past, people visited forbidden city (it is right there), Wangfu Jing market, or flea market

  20. Sat - Sunday • Self organized activities • In the past, people organized tours to Great walls, etc. • You can also consider other places, temple of heaven, silk market, etc. • Check out the travel agent • In Beijing (or Singapore), the use of travel agent often leads to savings • Ticket can run out, so plan your trip early

  21. Transportation • Taxi: stay in queue and use meters: 10 RMB start, and about 50 to city center • “Cabs” at the dorm are unofficial, fix price before you go • Subway: convenient and no traffic jam • Bus lines are many. It take studying • Bike

  22. Travel • Weekend to Great Wall: your group is large, it is possible to rent your own bus • Plan your out of town trips early, e.g. • Train ticket may not be available closer to departure date • In Shanghai tour, many go to Hanzhou and Suzhou, you may not find the ticket when you get there! • Visa extension or multiple entry • …

  23. Some culture suggestions • Cultural minutes, before 2nd part of PM class • Activities • Bowling • Basketball • Soccer (foot) ball • Ping pang after the class • Beijing Acrobat (Chao Yang theater) • Karaoke

  24. What story does this picture tell

  25. Other recreations • Tennis • Basketball • Swimming, 1.5 hour intervals, a small charge • Ping-Pong • Clubbing

  26. Food • Canteen at the dorm • Qing Qing Pizza in the basement of the canteen • Get cash cards, normally at drink stand, a 10% charge

  27. Better canteen at food square • Food square: a better liked canteen • Food court at the market

  28. Others • Qing Qing (similar to McDonald’s) • Qing Qing Pizza, basement of the dorm canteen

  29. Food • Campus restaurants near two of the dorm buildings • Many have food there often • Cost no more than GT cafeteria

  30. Nearby • Out of Main gate: Two Italians, • We could not find Indian, Mexican nearby last year (one Mexican moved away)

  31. Nearby • Wu Dao Kou: hot pot, Korean BBQ (several), Pizza hut, KFC, • Travel agent

  32. Farewell at Peking Duck near Tsinghua • Peking duck out of main gate where we had farewell receptions

  33. Shopping • Market near dorm: convenience store, phones, SIM card, … • Market in Zhao Lan Yuan, near classroom: fruit, miscellaneous, • Electronics and others from Main gate to Wu Dao Kou • Wal-Mart on Zhi Chun Lu, 15 min bike ride (1 stop from Wu Dao Kou) from Main gate (cheese, peanut butter, etc.) • Silk Market, Wang Fu Jing, Qianmen, • Chao Yang Embassy district

  34. Money • Exchange rate basically identical anywhere, and normally good, about 6.9 now • ATMs on campus or tourist locations in Beijing normally support one of the systems with logos on the right. Check on your ATM card • Zhao Lan Yuan, outside banks • Travelers cheques may have better exchange rate, but there is a fee

  35. 220 Volts. Check your device before you plug it in since US uses 110 V Power plug Type A, similar shape that used in US with slightly smaller gap If your plug has 2 prongs of the same size, there is no problem If one is bigger, or you have 3 prong, you need a adapter. The simplest way is to buy a power strip with universal sockets, available in the market near dorm Power in China

  36. Phone landlines • Beijing • Special prepaid card operated phone in dorm • Free for incoming calls • Get Beijing 201 card from newstand near canteen or along street • Broad band connection in dorm • Phone cards, available in many convenience stores • A little more expensive than US • You do not pay face value, 50% or more discount is common

  37. Cell phone in China • Mostly GSM although CDMA networks becomes available • You can get SIM cards • In market near dorm • Small general store in Zhao Lan Yuan • Post office on campus • Small electronics shops near main and south gate • The cost depends on • Number: 8s are good, 4s are bad. • Minutes included • How long has it been retired • You normally can pick from a list of numbers • I have seen from RMB 50 – 130 ($7 – $18), some has more air time than others.