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  1. Atalanta Carly, Michael,Jackson, Jade, Ariel

  2. infancy • Born as the daughter of Iasus • He wanted a son; therefore she was abandoned on a mountain-top and left for death. • This was a disappointment because now he didn’t have someone to carry on the family name or for him to have a son.

  3. Childhood • Even though Atalanta’s father left her in the woods to die she didn’t . • She was raised by bears . • The bears raised her until some very kind hunters found her and took her to live with them. • This shaped her and her personality and why she grew up to be rugged and more manly.

  4. Fighting centaurs • When she came encountered with two centaurs that were threatening her life after realizing she was all alone. • She used her bow and arrow and shot if off and shot off another one killing both centaurs.

  5. Calydonian boar hunt • The boar was released by Artemis and killed many men • The hunters were upset that Atalantawas able to go on a hunt with them • She became the first to strike blood from the boar. • She was awarded the skin of the boar in honor of reward. • Atalanta and Meleager attacked the boar and even though Meleager really killed the boar and deserved the boar skin he was so head over heels for her that he gave it to her declaring her the winner.

  6. Meleager • Meleager was head over heels for Atalanta. • Many men question why he did but he didn’t care that he was the only one who liked her. • Atalanta never wanted to marry she always wanted to be single and free( she was friend zoning Meleager) • During the boar hunt he gave her the boar skin and his uncles disagreed so he killed them. • His mother was horrified and killed him by burning a log that had determined his life since he was a baby • He was given a log that was burning and was told that hen it all turns to ash he will die but his mother had quickly put the log out until now.

  7. “as for her face, it seemed too maidenly for that of a boy, and too boyish to be that of a maiden.” • Very manly and a good hunter. • Rugged appearance because she was raised by bears • Very muscular for no man could beat her in a foot race • She acted more like a man than a woman Athena's appearance

  8. Reunion with father • When she met up with her father after so many years he was so happy because she basically acted like the son he never had. • She had decided to then live with her parents.

  9. Minor adventures • Atalanta thought that she was the best at basically everything. • Many men liked that she could hunt and found it to be very attractive. • She said that of anyone beat her in a foot race could marry her. • She knew that no one could beat her so she didn’t find this threatening at all

  10. Minor adventures cont. • No man had ever beaten her until Melanion/Hippomenes • During the foot race the threw golden apples in front of her, distracting her and getting her off course and allowing him to pass her and win, allowing him to marry her

  11. Heroic Qualities Flaws Very boastful Couldn’t be outsmarted • Brave • Strong • Fast

  12. Archetypes

  13. Theme • The theme was pride goes before the fall • This was because she was very cocky and thought that she would never have to get married but then got outsmarted and got married.

  14. Character The Trickster Hero Atalanta because she killed the boar and the centaurs. • Melanion was the trickster because he outsmarted Atalanta and got to marry her.

  15. The quest This was the boar hunt and when she got married

  16. Cultural influences • This story implied that no matter what men will always be better then women and that women will always fit into their roles in society no matter what because it is fate. They will always get married and become a mother even if they don’t want to because that is fate.