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A Night at the Oscars PowerPoint Presentation
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A Night at the Oscars

A Night at the Oscars

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A Night at the Oscars

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  1. A Night at the Oscars The Oscars, awarded annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, showcase the best in movies, honoring films released in the previous year. This year’s nominee is Saving Private Ryan. Presented by: Sam Grossman Project 14-Nominate a Movie for an Academy Award 1/18/12

  2. Saving Private Ryan Table of Contents Meet the Cast Meet My Favorite Actor A “Must See” Movie Also in the Running THE END

  3. Meet the Cast of Saving Private Ryan • Tom Hanks-Capt. John H Miller • Tom Sizemore-Sgt. Mike Horvath • Edward Burns-Pvt. Richard Reiben • Barry Pepper-Pvt. Daniel Jackson • Adam Goldberg- Pvt. Stanley Mellish • Vin Diesel-Pvt. Adrian Caparzo • Matt Damon- Pvt. James Francis Ryan Click here to return to Table of Contents

  4. Meet My Favorite Actor My favorite actor in this film was Thomas Jeffery Hanks. He is 55 years old, born on July 9, 1956. He is married to Rita Wilson with two children with her. He currently lives in Malibu, California. His family background was rather “fractured”, as his parents divorced, and he went through a lot of stepfamilies. Tom Hanks is best known for his movies Saving Private Ryan, Forrest Gump, and The Green Mile. One interesting fact about Tom Hanks is that he has produced over 36 movies and TV shows.

  5. Saving Private Ryan Review Saving Private Ryan is set in WWII in war-torn France. Captain John Miller(Hanks) and his unit are dispatched on a mission to find and bring back a young private named James Francis Ryan(Damon). Private Ryan had recently lost all of his brothers in combat, and Captain Miller’s unit was ordered to go retrieve him so that he could be sent home. This is so that the parents of those who gave their lives would not have to lose all their sons. As the unit treks across France in search of Private Ryan, they encounter many enemy soldiers and battle their own misgivings about the mission. One of the more dramatic parts of the movie was when Captain Miller convinced his team not to execute a Nazi prisoner because they were not supposed to executioners, but soldiers.

  6. A “Must-See” Movie I think this movie deserves an academy award for several reasons. One of them is that this movie has widely been acknowledged as one of the most realistic war movies ever made. It showed in great detail just what the soldiers who fought in WWII had to go through and the sacrifices they had to make. War veterans themselves said that it was one of the most realistic war movies they had ever seen. Another reason is the message that the film sent to its viewers, which was that all Americans had to earn what these soldiers had done for them.

  7. Also in the Running Below are 5 other movies that should also be considered for an Academy Award.

  8. Thank You for Watching my Presentation!